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Targeted Work SI and Integrated Yoga Treatment

Understanding that every body has its own unique  limitations and restrictions I will work with an individual one on one,  gathering client information and completing an assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the area of concern. Combining my understanding of the human body and knowledge we will create a personalized treatment plan to address the your concerns using a combination of massage therapy, structural integration and integrated yoga.

Structural Integration Massage Therapy

The  Rolf  Method  of  Structural  Integration (SI) is a deep tissue therapy that works with the fascial structure. Fascia  is a connective tissue that gives the body structure. It surrounds every muscle, nerve, vein and organ in the body. Fascia is a very thin transparent and slippery substance. Healthy fascia allows muscles to move freely past and over its surrounding structures.

Structural integration targeted area work- People sometimes ask if they have to complete the 10 series to experience structural integration. The answer is No!! In a targeted area session an assessment is performed and treatment options presented  Treatment therapy will be  provided to do what can be done in an hour to bring the body back into vertical alignment and bring as much relief as possible. The work in this session is limited to the work of the session1-3 of the 10 series as we are limited to working with the outer layers of the fascia structure.

Integrated Yoga- Private class – Not covered by extended healthcare plans

In this private class the focus is on the individual clients specific needs, therefore an Assessment of the body will be performed through listening, asking questions and observing. Using this assessment I will teach specific yoga asana and pranayama that will address the areas of tightening, pain or discomfort.

Group Yoga Classes coming soon