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Is structural integration painful to receive?

I do not believe in the “no pain no gain” theory. However every body is unique and some areas of the body are more sensitive due to the repetitive strain and compensating patterns taking place in the body. I work with each person to meet them where they are comfortable. Through communication we will work together to find a way to achieve the goals for the session that day. Structural integration Is not about forcing change!

What do I wear for a structural integration session?

There are times during a session when it is helpful to have the client get up and walk. This allows me to see how the work completed has been integrated in the body and guides me to areas that still need addressing.

While the areas of the body not being treated will be draped it is helpful if you can follow the guideline below for treatment attire. Wearing the same “viewing clothes” at session is preferred. “Viewing clothes” would consist of one of the following:

Women- mid thigh or shorter yoga shorts and a sports bra or underwire bra if that is more comfortable. Optionally you may wear a two piece bathing suit.

Men- athletic style shorts. Shorts need to be loosely fit and have some stretch to them. Boxer shorts work well too.

Do I have to receive the 10 series to benefit from structural integration?

No! While most everyone would benefit from receiving the 10 series there is still great benefit in a 60 minute targeted area session. During this treatment an assessment is performed and treatment options presented. Treatment therapy will be provided to do what can be done in an hour to bring the body back into vertical alignment and bring as much relief as possible. The work in this session is limited to the work of the session1-3 of the 10 series as we are limited to working with the outer layers of the fascia structure.

What happens after the 10 series?

After completing the 10 series I usually recommend clients wait a few months to allow time for the body to fully integrate and process all of the work that has been received.

Clients then have the option to return anytime they feel like they need a tune up for continued maintenance.

Is structural integration ok for children too?

YES most definitely!I have worked with many children and have had great results. Because a child has not had as many years in their body the structural deviations they may have going on respond rather quickly to structural integration. Structural integration offers support to a childs growth and assistance in maintaining healthy alignment and increased body awareness.